Willow Oak Room

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The Willow Oak Room
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Willow Oak RoomThe rich blue walls accented by candlelight fabrics and an old fashioned romantic iron queen-size bed finished in deep gold tones give The Willow Oak Room a luxurious appeal. The window on the east end of the house catches the sunrise as it flickers through the 200-year-old Willow Oak. The private bath features a jet tub and shower. The east end window perfectly frames the 200-year-old Willow Oak for which the room is named. When you walk to the window you feel as if you have stepped into a painting of a fabulous relic. The other windows in the room on the back of the house overlook the Blue Spring Branch of Alabama and pool.

The property at Blue Spring Manor is dotted with many Willow Oak trees. As you look out of the window over the antiqued gold iron bed you see the most grand and stately tree on the 10 acres. It is a 200-year-old Willow Oak. This is a tree that has seen the settling of the state of Alabama, the Civil War, and withstood the changes in landscape. Future plans for this tree includes careful landscaping at its base for a restful park-like setting and a possible alter site for weddings.

The landscape paintings on the wall between the windows were painted by our daughter, Kathy. You can also enjoy a reading from Maya Angelo’s wonderful book, On the Pulse of the Morning, as you enjoy the sounds of the Blue Spring Branch that have wandered into the room through the gurgling fountain.


  • Deciduous or evergreen (depending on variety), oaks are ornamental trees grown chiefly for their handsome foliage and interesting habit. Many species are important timber trees.
  • Often stately, tall trees of noble and majestic habit with massive trunk and stout spreading limbs.
  • Oaks rank among our most valuable park and avenue trees.
  • Over 200 known species are distributed through the colder and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and in the mountains of the tropics.
  • Some grow fast, others slow, and leaves vary immensely in size and form, not necessarily conforming to the so-called oak leaf pattern.


  • Quercus phellos
  • Fast growing tree that grows well in a wide variety of soils.

While most oaks share a common leaf shape, rounded and broadly spreading, the Willow Oak has shiny 4-inch leaves that are shaped like those of the willow tree.The leaves are bright green during the summer and pale yellow in the fall.

Price: $140

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