Kilmanjaro Room

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The Kilamanjaro Suite
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Kilamanjaro SuiteThe Kilamanjaro Suite houses an old-fashioned, four poster, queen-sized bed. The Suite's guests will enjoy a private dining table and comfortable separate seating area. The bath features the Manchester whirlpool tub, a commode closet, and large vanity. The rooms linens and decor offer a small commentary on the wildlife that freely roams the lands of Africa. The rich taupe walls are a perfect backdrop for the warm and sultry atmosphere created in the Kilamanjaro Suite. The view off the back of the house includes the pool site and the grounds that lead to Blue Spring Branch.

In 1988 I (Doris) had the opportunity to spend a month in the country of Malawi. Malawi is located on the eastern coast of the continent of Africa. The Kilamanjaro Suite was named in honor of the hospitable people and life changing experiences she had during her visit. They proudly call MalawiThe Warm Heart of Africa, and greet their visitors with an enthusiastic “Welcome to The Warm Heart of Africa.”

The ebony pieces you see around this room are hand carved pieces collected during this visit. The chair in the bathroom is a favorite. It was purchased under protest from the people who know ebony. The light streaks on the sides of the back were seen as less than perfect. That was the part of the chair that was intriguing to me. It serves as a reminder that ebony is the core of the tree, a fact I did not know. In order to produce these beautiful pieces they must first get to the very center of the tree.

The wooden scoops that you see are used to scoop tea and coffee. Both coffee and tea are large cash crops for Malawi. Their landscape is quilted with lush green fields and silos that hold the harvested goods.

Kilamanjaro SuiteLake Malawi is 1/3 the size of the country and is their largest economic resource. The wall hanging and basket in the water closet were woven from reeds that grow around the lake region and purchased during our outing to this absolutely gorgeous recreational region. Sitting on the 100-year-old Scottish chest you will find an ebony elephant lovingly named Charlie. He was given to us as a reminder of our trip to the campgrounds around the lake where, while enjoying our lunch, we met the real Charlie. Later in the day on the other side of the lake as we watched the hippos, rhinos, and zebra play, Charlie came to visit us again. Everyone knew his name, and they even had signs that said “Elephants have the right-of-way.” Right!!!

The rattan sleigh bed is a part of the Hemingway Collection of furniture and is named the Kilamanjaro Bed.

Price: $175

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