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The Columns
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The ColumnsThe deep eggplant color of this room is a perfect backdrop for both the white columns that surround the guest as they enter the room and the greystone iron queen-size bed. This room also features a portion of the personal collection of Ashley Mask's sculpture tastefully displayed on columns. The private bath offers a jet tub and shower for that last minute weekend getaway. The view from The Columns window overlooks Blue Spring Branch. Catching a glimpse of deer drinking from the Branch in the morning is a possibility from this room's window.

The cool rich tones of eggplant are designed to offer the guest that chooses to visit The Columns a restful stay. The coziness of the room wraps around you and draws you into its space. This color was in our former residence and was a favorite for many of our weary guests looking for a quiet place to rest.

The walls also offer a fabulous backdrop for our daughter-in-law’s, Ashley Mask Harris, art. Ashley is a professional photographer and multi-talented artist. She has recently graduated from The University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Arts degree where she was awarded many honors including Best Young Aspiring Artist. The Columns houses three photographs taken, developed, matted, and framed by Ashley. The sculpture resting on the column next to the tapestry chair was completed in 1998. Ashley began work on this stone to represent the sacrifice of childbirth. She says, however, as she chiseled and it began to take shape it grew to represent an even broader image of the sacrifice of parenthood. Because of our appreciation for this fine work of art, it was given to us on Christmas 1998.

Other displays of Ashley’s work may be located in the following locations around the house:

The photograph of Quint and David as she captured them standing in front of the Eifel Towel is at the top of the back stairwell on the second floor.

The large matted collection of our family, Quint, Paige, Colin, Kathy, David, Ashley, Ray and Doris, that is hanging over the piano in the Charlie Horse Parlor was taken, developed, arranged, matted, and framed by Ashley.

The stained glass over the pool bath is also a piece of her work.

Ashley loves to photograph children. One of her favorite subjects, and ours, is our grandson and Quint and Paige’s son, Colin. Just ask us and we will show you.

Price: $140

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